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Welcome to the Major Oak Group

The Major Oak Group has its roots firmly set in providing businesses and individuals with safety solutions, skills, training and assessments to up-skill, refresh knowledge or start to embark on a whole new career.

We focus on empowering people by providing the necessary tools and knowledge to help businesses and individuals reach their goals. 

We pride ourselves on our unique practical approach throughout the group.

Major Oak Safety Training (M.O.S.T)

Major Oak Safety Training (M.O.S.T)

Our team deliver workplace assessing, competency training and mentoring for employees and employers in several different industries including, Cranes, Infrastructure Manufacturing, Land/Marine Engineering, Construction, Industrial Laundry, Hospitality, Tourism, and Facilities management.

Covering everything from high risk to low risk topics and activities, our team are able to adapt and tailor course material using relevant industry experience to keep the assessment or training enjoyable, involved and informative across all levels of company structures.

​M.O.S.T's vision is to prove no matter how mundane you think the subject might be, everything can be made fun, enjoyable and engaging!


Major Oak Road Education

Major Oak Road Education (M.O.R.E)

Have you always wanted to be a big trucker? or maybe operate a special vehicle such as a forklift, Excavator, Roller or dump truck?

What's stopping you?

​We can take you right from your car license all the way to being a fully fledged heavy hauler or machine operator!

​Need anything from a Class 2 through to class 5 or maybe it's a license endorsement such as V,D,F,W,T,R

​We have a course to get your wheels turning!

So get on your air horn or click the link below

We would love to discuss your options

To get you hitting the road or dirt.

Roadcraft School Of Motoring (RCSOM)

Roadcraft School Of Motoring (RCSOM)

Roadcraft has been a New Zealand based business since 2006 serving the population of Auckland and surrounding areas. 

Roadcraft is now part of the Major Oak Group and is operated under our Major Oak Road Education Division (M.O.R.E)

All of our training courses are based on the Roadcraft method of driving, or more commonly called "The system of vehicle control" which is the a class one standard for police vehicle operators in the UK and as such we are confident that the training you will receive will be of the highest quality.

We have an ethos of safety first and as such we will not simply teach you to robotically follow a test route but will give you the skills to drive in everyday situations. All our courses are filmed in HD.

Ako Digital (Launching soon)

Ako Digital will offer online competency, refresher and custom designed courses to enable you or your staff to up-skill or refresh their knowledge at times that suit them.