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About Us

About Us


Major Oak Group Ltd is the holding company for a range of businesses that all have one one common goal to help clients improve through a range of quality training, assessing and Health and Safety Services.

M.O.G is owned and operated by the Hindley family based on the Coromandel Peninsula and servicing clients nationwide. Our name like the Hindley family originates from the Sherwood Forest region of England, famous for it's Major Oaks.

We started with Major Oak Safety Training and listened to our clients demands, which in turn has lead to us expanding into different areas whilst always ensuring we have the resources and experience by keeping our team tight knit we still and always will deliver the highest of quality that we have become known for. 

Our team pride themselves and the group on being able to communicate at all levels of the business structure and client base.

Our team deliver workplace assessing, competency training and mentoring for employees and employers in several different industries including, Manufacturing, Industrial Laundry, Cranes, Infrastructure, Hospitality, Tourism, Land/Marine Engineering, Construction Facilities management and Road Education.

Our team are able to adapt and tailor course material using relevant industry experience to keep the assessment or training enjoyable, involved and informative across all levels of company structures.

M.O.G's vision is to prove no matter how mundane you think the subject might be, everything can be made fun, enjoyable and engaging!

We will always continue to work closely with our clients, listen to their demands, needs and requirements which in turn will lead to further growth driven by you. 


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