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Lock out Tag Out (Isolation Training)

Every workplace will have the need to shut down a machine or piece of equipment due to maintenance or a fault at some point Too many times, workers are injured or killed because they thought a machine was off, or the power to the machine was safely turned off when it wasn’t! Lock out tag out training is the best measure you can take to prevent these types of accidents from happening on the job site. If you don’t have a lock out tag out program at your workplace,  you are running the risk of machines unexpectedly starting back up or someone starts the machine back up themselves without first checking with everyone else in the vicinity that it is safe to do so. This course can either use your current procedures or can be used to help you create / improve your own procedures.

3-4 Hour Duration (Combine with JSA or Hazard and risk assessment for a 8hr course)

Priced from $220pp (minimum 2 participants)