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Knowledge of Slinging Regular Loads Safely Unit Standard 30072

Unit 30072 is the new starting point starting point for rigging and crane operator qualifications. It is the requirement for entry into future training and there for an essential first step into the industry and a new career. This unit standard is an introductory standard and is also a pre-requisite unit standard for the cranes unit standards: 16617, 20208, 3800 and 3789, and those used in other industries. Unit 3789 is required by the Approved Code of Practice for Cranes to operate as a Dogman slinging load

People credited with this unit standard are able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of hazards, hazard control, and lift planning.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of lifting gear and working load limit (WLL) tables.

  • Preparation for, and slinging regular loads safely.

  • Correct selection and use of rigging equipment, knots and dunnage 

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