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Truck Mounted Crane Unit Standard 16617

Trainees will be able to apply theory and skills in lifting and placing loads with a truck mounted crane through

theory and practical experience.

  • Understand hazards, hazard control, and lift planning.

  • Understand and apply lifting gear and working load limit (WLL) tables.

  • Demonstrate knowledge using a truck loader crane;

  • Demonstrate knowledge of truck loader crane equipment and attachments;

  • Sling, lift, move, and unload or place regular loads using a truck loader crane in the workplace;

  • Secure and prepare the truck loader crane for road transport mode, stow equipment, and complete documentation; and

  • Carry out daily and weekly operator maintenance of a truck loader crane.


Evidence of 6 months experience in an environment where truck mounted cranes are operating.

Unit Standard 30072 knowledge of slinging regular loads safely (This will become a pre-requisite later in 2018)

If trainees do not hold 30072 do not panic we can deliver this unit for you also.

Priced From $600pp